Be sincronized with your customers

¿Did you ever cry in the theatre? ¿Who has not felt pain because he was afraid about the future of a film main character? ¿And because his favourite spy had no way out?

Visual language and images in general have an enormous capacity to cause our empathy and solidarity. Of course, the empathy can also be reached with text. But readers have always make more effort than those who are watching a video.

In addition, in a video the body of the person who comes out in scene tells us too many things. Him body position, him tone of voice, and the position of the hands… All of this information in text form is almost lost.

Several studies show the enormous ability of the video generate empathy from the viewer connection people who appear in the videos. And intuitively, it is a phenomenon that we have all experienced already watching a movie or the last fall to youtube (it almost hurts more to us than the victim).

Why, if what we want is to increase the relationship with your clients, this is, if you want to synchronize with them, the video is a very useful tool. Certainly, the sales are reinforced and, above all the loyalty, will be far more durable.

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