Convince your client with online video

The online video is a powerful tool because of its ability to persuade people thru the viewing. And why this happen? Well, there are a lot of reasons. One of them is related with the ability to consume it “live.”

In general, not just video but all synchronous communication tools (where communication takes place in “present”), are more persuasive than those asynchronous (where communication occurs in “deferred”). For example, it is more persuasive a skype than a video on youtube. Or talk more than a letter or an email.

The problem is that synchronous communication are less durable (just when the Skype ends, the ability to persuade ends too) that the ones wich are not (a post on the internet can take and thus be effective over a long time ).

Where is the balance? The video could give us an answer on this. A video will be broadcast live over the Internet (worldwide and with  perfectly acceptable cost) and, once completed the broadcasted act, it can stay posted on the web for a long time.

The fact that the videos are so cheap at this time is only reinforcing the possibility of carrying out projects both as a powerful and persuasive during over time.

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